Soothing results

The wash is really gentle and helps bring a great soothing sensation. It leaves the skin soothed and irritation free. It helps balance irritation like redness and itchiness and helps feel comfortable in own skin.

Gentle formula

This product is free of any harsh elements that can irritate or dry the delicate skin. It contains a soothing blend of natural ingredients that help nourish and balance the sensitive skin on lady zone.

Gently cleanse

This product helps gently cleanse the skin. It helps remove any irritation and keeps the skin protected from bacteria and others. It eliminates unwanted odor and helps feel fresh and clean for longer.

Moisturizing properties

The wash is carefully designed to keep the skin well - balanced and soothed. The wash keeps lady zone clean and calm and works to improve the natural moisture and protective barrier of the skin.


It contains Passion Flower extracts. The formula is soothing and refreshing. Aloe vera helps keep the balance of the skin and improves the natural defences of the skin while Passion flower provides a long- lasting fresh and clean sensation.

More about Winslough

Winslough delicate wash is a gentle wash that contains highly- beneficial ingredients. The formula is carefully developed to gently cleanse the skin without disrupting it. The wash doesn’t dry the skin and the beneficial formula helps to leave the skin soft and soothed.